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Outrageous Games

The goal of Outrageous Games is to create for you a successful event with the least possible amount of stress. With this goal in mind, we have created an all-inclusive package: You provide the playing field, and we'll provide the entire Outrageous production!

The basic Outrageous Games package includes:

  • Two Hours of Games: Our wacky, wild games are carefully designed to be suitable to a wide range of atheletic abilities. Our games are enjoyable by anyone of any age! Fun and silly on the surface, our games also promote teamwork, strategizing, and problem solving skills.
  • Field Layout and Props: A 10' bronze torch, colorful flags, and an awards stand mark out the playing field and lend a colorful and fun atmosphere to your location. We also include all the wild and crazy props used in our games, so there's no additional expense to you.
  • Master of Ceremonies: Our MCs provide play-by-play commentary of the events on the field, maintaining a high level of energy akin to that found on the top television sportscasts. Our MCs are experts at getting people excited and involved. We seamlessly blend humor, encouragement, and challenge into our patter while at the same time clearly articulating the goals and rules of each game.
  • Professional Disc Jockey and Sound System: We employ highly-skilled DJs and top-quality sound systems to add musical underscoring to the games. Our DJs choose music which is appropriate both to the game being played and to the crowd being entertained. We include an extra two hours of DJ time (in addition to the two hours of games) during which we're happy to take requests and entertain you while you eat or socialize.
  • Outrageous Officials: Our officials are friendly and energetic, acting as team coach, cheerleader, and referee. Our officials help keep your teams motivated, cheering them on towards victory.
  • Ribbons and Medals: Included in the package are high-quality Gold, Silver and Bronze medals (15 of each.) These are awarded to the top three teams during the closing ceremonies at the end of the games. Additional medals and ribbons for lower placing teams are available for a small additional cost.

Outrageous Games is a well-polished event, staffed by employees with a genuine interest in making sure your guests have a good time. If you'd like more information on what's included in the package, please feel free to give us a call!

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